Fresh Baked Bread ~ Every Day

At Hazel Artisan Bakery Cafe, we get up extra early to bake fresh artisan bread every day. Our artisan bread is handmade by talented, dedicated bakers. That gives our bread unique crusts, developed flavors, and delicious aromas.

Custom Special Occasion Cakes

Prepare to be inspired by our custom cakes! Designed and handcrafted at Hazel Artisan Bakery. Call us for the perfect addition to your birthday party, anniversary or graduation, baby shower or wedding. We bake cakes of all kinds for all palates.

European Inspired Desserts

Hazel Artisan Bakery Cafe prepares some of the richest, most unique made-to-order desserts in the area. We have a wide variety of tortes, pies, tarts, cupcakes and traditional butter cream cakes. Bring home a delicious sweet treat to your family today!